Powder Puff Craze: Meet Your New Beauty Essential

By Mursal Rahman

Over the past year, powder puffs have gained popularity. Influencers and makeup lovers are telling everyone that if you don’t have a powder puff, you’re missing out. But powder puffs are not new: Laura Mercier has sold them for ages. These little gems recently went viral, and for good reason! It’s all about that flawless, non-cakey finish and the subtle skin-blurring magic they deliver.

With powder puffs taking the beauty world by storm, everyone – including Sephora Collection, e.l.f. cosmetics, Huda Beauty and Danessa Myricks Beauty – has jumped on the puff-wagon with their own versions. And guess what? You can even snag a pack of eight from Amazon for just nine bucks!

If you’re considering adding a powder puff to your beauty arsenal, here are some of the ways you can use one.

Here’s how to use the powder puff

For baking:
If you’re somebody that likes to bake and let a generous amount of powder sit on the skin, then a powder puff can help prevent your skin from looking cakey. The texture of the puff can help you avoid picking up too much product.

For blotting oil:
This baby is great to throw in your makeup bag and use to blot away any excess oil you produce throughout the day. You can load it up with powder before you leave the house, or dip it into a powder you carry with you throughout the day.

For precision:
If you like to apply powder in specific areas of your face (like around your mouth or underneath your nose), a puff is useful. You can also apply the powder as a guide to help you get a sharp wing or as a guide for where you want your eyeshadow to go.

Blend cream products:
The powder puff isn’t just for powder; you can use it to get a flawless application for your cream products as well. Real Techniques recently came out with a multi-purpose puff where one side is meant for powder and the other is meant for cream products. For the best application, the puff should be used dry.

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