Product Of The Week: Design.Me Puff Me Volumizing Powder Spray

A new, volumizing twist on dry shampoo…

I’m a ride or die dry shampoo girl. Where most people spray it on when they don’t want to wash their hair, I use it daily to create volume and texture. I realize dry shampoo is intended for the former, to absorb excess oil and clean hair without stepping foot inside your shower, but their teeny tiny, ultra-fine aerosol-to-powder like ingredients work magic on my thin and fine blonde strands, giving it oomph and lift even when it’s humid outside.

Especially this miracle worker that gently refreshes, styles and does everything but grow me new hair in just a couple of spritzes.

More than just your average DS, Design.MePuff Me is a volumizing spray that simultaneously delivers on the instant-gratification-clean I want and has ROI that’s three-fold: it’s odor and mess-free, it’s instant volume gives me the big hair I crave and its extra styling hold keeps my my buns and ponies upright and looking great for hours. Plus, its powder formulation unintentionally gives my hair oomph not unlike a DS.

And it’s ideal for mornings when pressing snooze 15 times is the only option, when there’s no time between workout to work and when, if you’re anything like me, your hair needs to hold up from 7am to midnight.

It’s no wonder women have been addicted to DS since the 1700s when England’s elite ground up cornstarch and massaged it into their wigs. After all, Klorane, the European botanical beauty brand best known for its dry shampoo, didn’t declare March 11, national shampoo day for nothing. Now I’m waiting for Design.Me to declare national lazy-girl volume/high stylin’ and clean day.

Design.Me Puff Me Volumizing Powder Spray, $23.50 at

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