Lipstick Myths Decoded

Whether you’re partial to bright colours, neutrals or willing to experiment with blacks and blues, lipstick is integral to the beauty routine, with many of the season’s biggest trends defining themselves through lips that convey a certain statement or aesthetic. However, with every product come the inevitable myths, and to help you avoid the worst lipstick faux pas, we’re disproving the claims long associated with the beauty staple.

Myth #1: Lipstick Deyhdrates

You know what we’re talking about: after applying what feels like a waxy second coat to your prided pout, you’re treated to winter-chapped lips-equivalent about 15 minutes later. However, thanks to the likes of NARS, MAC and Cover Girl’s Lip Perfection lipstick, your lips can hold both their colour and their moisture as the connotations associated with products circa 1994 are banished to their respective ears. Rest assured that quality lipsticks never make you crave balm, gloss or a stick of body butter “ especially if they contain Vitamin E or SPF.

Myth #2: Lipstick Needs Liner 

The days of two-toned lips are through thanks to a push towards natural shapes and neutral qualities that make the dark-liner-light-colour combination the ultimate lipstick don’t. But should you avoid liner altogether? Not necessarily: while keeping lips looking natural is imperative regardless of shade choice, the role of liner is to help define lips “ not to overshadow them. Thus, if you’re still keen, blend liner into the rest of your tone with a brush or your fingers. That way, it’s relatively invisible, but helping to highlight a shape that’s already yours.

Myth #3: Bold is Best

While Betty Draper’s makeup may imply otherwise, the boldness that’s synonymous with red lips or classic lipstick is no longer a beauty must “ especially since nude shades have become just as popular as neon, reds and browns. Therefore, if you’re not sure how to approach your new favourite shade, it’s best to start small: if you’re willing to play around with colour, go for a stained approach at first, while if you’re hoping to go nude, pair with a hint of gloss to keep your lips looking three-dimensional.

Myth #4: Keep Brights to a Minimum

If 2011 has taught us anything, it’s that colour is not to be feared. And while you may shy away from the likes of orange tones and fuchsia pink, you can still don bright lipsticks and adapt them to suit your daily look. True, you may not want ruby-red lips for the 9-5 grind, but by lightly applying bright tones (think stain, not slather), you can neutralize any shade and make it office or meeting appropriate. Just avoid over-the-top matching or makeup overload “ the less is more rule is still in effect, and if you’re working in a conservative setting, they may not appreciate the avant-garde aesthetic.

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