Royal Wedding Guest List Revealed

T-minus six days until Kate Middleton becomes Mrs. . . . Future Queen of England (?), so in preparation for the big event, it’s only natural that the official guest list be properly released and scrutinized.

Spoiler alert: we weren’t invited.

But a stellar cast of characters did made the cut: the Beckhams, Sir Elton John, Joss Stone, Guy Ritchie, Rowan Atkinson (MR. BEAN!) and Mario Testino. Plus royals from about a million other countries that make up the dream cast of Tudors.

Though the real questions remain: 1) will Mr. Atkinson revive his famous character for the nuptials? (We wish. We really, really wish.) and 2) How does Prince William and Kate know Joss Stone or Guy Ritchie?

Either way, we can only hope that the Royal Wedding trumps the Oscars for a major who’s who affair – at least in terms of paparazzi shot and “who wore what best”. But while some of us are left scratching our heads at the concept of Joss Stone supporting the upcoming “I do”s (I mean, really – how did she make the list?), others are easing their way into early morning routines so the 5 a.m. ceremony this coming Saturday will become spring 2011’s equivalent to E!‘s red carpet coverage.

We just can’t believe the Harry Potter kids didn’t make the list.


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