People Names Its Top 10 Best Dressed

Award season is upon us, and while MTV and TIFF are generously handing out their prizes and accolades, People magazine upped the ante and listed their top 10 female celebrities of 2010 “ four months before the year actually ends.

Paired with names describing their fashion sense, the ladies that made the cut were Zoe Saldana (The Red Carpet Queen), Jessica Alba (The Mix Master), Rihanna (The Daring Diva) and Olivia Palermo (The Uptown Girl).  Rachel Bilson (The Denim Darling) and Diana Kruger (The Runway Renegade) also made the cut, as did Gwen Stefani “ also known as The Hip Mom.

And while these nicknames are obviously cute (if not a little over-the-top and questionable), you can’t help but feel that with such an eclectic cast of characters, there’s something lacking in regards to underground fashion and diversity. (Case in point: where’s Mary-Kate, Alexa Chung or Kate Bosworth?)

 However, as we know, every top list 10 is subjective, and when it comes to high fashion, these best dressed ladies successfully know how to throw an outfit together.

But the real question of the hour: who’s the worst dressed and will avant-garde be misconstrued for bad taste?

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