The Originals Episode 16 Recap: Farewell to Storyville

Hey, a cute new first! This week our first flashback is to Nik and Rebekkah as small children together, Klaus promising Rebekkah he’ll “always stay” with her.
But in present day, while Klaus still stalks his sister around Lafayette Cemetery No. 1 (not so warm to his baby sis now, is he?) and Elijah tries to stop him, Marcel does his best to get Davina to find a loophole and get them out of there.
When Cami goes to visit her, Davina says the witch ancestors threatened to do terrible things to her if she misused her magic again. She’s clearly afraid of this.
Klaus puts his sister on trial for her betrayals. The two of them start hashing out their entire thousands of years together. And then Rebekkah gets riled up and, defending having called Mikael to New Orleans in 1919, says, “given the choice, I’d do it again.” Wrong answer. Klaus leaps at her, but Elijah intervenes.
“You wouldn’t listen to her, so now you must deal with me,” says noble Elijah.
From there, it’s all tales about how much they’ve always loved each other, despite her mistakes.
In the midst of discussion, Klaus pulls Elijah’s own trick on him and suddenly plunges Papa Tunde’s crazy knife into his stomach. Now Elijah will get a taste for the pain. Rebekkah has the trump card, though: the white oak stake that can kill an original vampire.
Rebekkah puts it better than anyone else: Klaus loved both her and Marcel but didn’t want them to be together. In preventing that, he lost them both.
Marcel, still trying to lift the spell off the cemetery, goes to Genevieve to ask for her help, if Davina won’t. But in return for breaking Celeste’s spell, she wants Davina “handed over” to her. He agrees, but Cami doesn’t like the idea.
Klaus stabbing Elijah wasn’t such a surprise, but then he takes the white oak stake and jams it in Rebekkah’s stomach – which is unexpected. However, this won’t kill her (it has to be in her heart) so, presumably, he has hesitations about actually finishing her off for good. “You missed my heart,” she says. And he replies, “perhaps I just wanted you to feel a fraction of the fear I felt when father came after me.”
And then things get emotional. It’s all about how much they love each other… how they’re strong creatures, yet they each have their own weaknesses. Quite depressing, really, but some kind of revelation at the same time.
When the spell is lifted, Klaus tells Rebekkah to go. He tells her to leave and go far away, so he can raise his child in New Orleans. He frees his sister, and says she can go after everything she wants: a home, a family, to live. 
She says her goodbyes to Elijah, telling him to help Klaus find his way.
Klaus goes back home and promptly comes face to face with Marcel, who is not sorry, it turns out. Klaus walks away from the fight (surprise!) but then Elijah steps in and acts as the strict one (surprise again!)
He exiles Marcel from the French Quarter. He goes to find Rebekkah and while we think they’ll flee together, they don’t. They part ways.
We get our first shot of Hayley at the very end of the episode, when Rebekkah goes to say goodbye and wish her well with the baby (and to tell her to be careful; the Mikaelson family has lots of enemies that the baby will inherit).
Finally, at the end, Rebekkah drives off, out of the city, with a huge grin spread across her face. Relief at last, I suppose.
Spring sweeps are coming up soon. Can we please get another Vampire Diaries crossover soon, please?

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