Mischa Barton Ordered to Pay Unpaid Medical Bills

Mischa Barton has found herself in a bit of trouble once again. Due to a missed court appearance, the actress is being ordered to pay a hefty amount in unpaid medical bills from 2009.

Doctor’s Choice Nursing reportedly filed a lawsuit against her for the amount of $89,930.57, plus interest. When she didn’t show up to court, the judge said the unpaid bills must be paid. The real question here, however, is why did Mischa Barton need the services of a private nursing company?

The cherry on top of this bizarre case is her reps are claiming that “this is the first they’ve heard of it.” If true, in 2009 Mischa apparently needed the services of a private nursing company (perhaps for a family member?) and her “people” were kept in the dark about it and the coinciding law suit.

However, 2009 was the year that Mischa Barton was hospitalized and placed on a psychiatric hold after she had a tooth infection that, she claims, got out of control. After getting her a wisdom teeth Boise treatment, Mischa says the pain was just unbearable and she admitted herself into a hospital. When nurses tried to inject her with pain killers, she basically freaked out and was thus placed under a psychiatric hold. That doesn’t seem like reason enough to need extended care though.

Another important question to ask here is, does Mischa have the money to pay off the fine? I didn’t realize she was still a working actress until I saw all her upcoming projects on IMDB.com. It seems that she will have more than enough money to pay off Doctor’s Choice Nursing, assuming that she does actually pay them off.

Oh crazy Mischa, how I’ve missed you.

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