How to Give Your Guy a Close Shave

If you have never given your guy a close shave, you are missing out on a great way to have a close, sensual experience with him.  

Ask him if this is something he might be interested in, and if he is intrigued, just follow these tips.

First, decide on a look – will it be a clean shave, or does he have a beard, moustache, goatee or stubble?

A clean shave is the sexiest experience, but you can work with whatever facial hair style he has. Just remember to go slowly – you don’t want to lop off half his moustache or leave him looking “uneven.”

Set the atmosphere for a good shave. You’ll need access to a sink, so either use the kitchen or move a comfortable chair into the bathroom. You don’t want to dim the lights too much, since you need to see what you are doing, but a few candles won’t hurt. Make sure you have all your tools – a fresh blade in the razor, some towels, a luxurious shaving cream, and aftershave or lotion.  A pre-shave oil can also be useful with an electric razor.  If your guy has facial hair he wants to keep, you may need other grooming tools such as an electric razor or scissors. You should also have a hand mirror, with one with a magnifying side being even handier.

Oh, and if the two of you are naked, even better.

First steps for a close shave. A shower is always a good way to start a shave. The steam and hot water will open up his pores. However, you can also begin with a hot towel treatment. Run a hand towel under hot water, than shake it out a few times to cool it to a comfortable temperature.

Have your man relax in a chair and gently drape his face with the towel. Leave this on for a few minutes to soften his whiskers. If you like, treat him to a nice shoulder massage while you wait.  Then, if you haven’t showered together first, use a gentle cleanser to make sure his face his clean of oils.

Now apply shaving cream or pre-shave oil with slow, gentle strokes. Warm your hands under hot water first.

The shave. Draw the razor in the direction of the hair growth (with the grain.) Use firm, long strokes, and rinse the razor often. Start with his cheeks and move downward, saving his neck for last.  When you have removed every trace of shaving lotion, repeat the process, this time gently stroking against the grain with the razor. This will ensure the smoothest, closest shave possible. After that, apply another hot towel (much like a facial) and gently clean his face.

If you are working with facial hair, use the electric razor or clippers with firm but gentle short strokes. Remember that you can always shave more, but you can’t “unshave”. So go carefully!

After the shave. Apply whatever after shave care product you have chosen with gentle, circular strokes. If your guy has oily skin, use an alcohol free toner; if he has dry skin, go for a more moisturizing one. (You’d be surprised how many guys don’t know the difference. Okay, maybe you won’t be.)

And that’s it β€œ you can now get down to, ahem, any other business you may have, knowing your guy has a sleek, smooth face.


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