Is Facial Massage for You?

You already know that an all-over body massage is the perfect cure for sore and tired muscles. But what about facial massages? Long used in traditional Chinese medicine, facial massages are more than just fancy spa treatments.

Like a regular body massage, a good facial massage can improve your circulation, release muscle tension, and remove dead skin cells, leaving you with skin that looks and feels younger and healthier.


Why you might need a facial massage

Poor nutrition and lack of exercise can affect your skin tone by slowing blood flow. Stress and tension can break down muscle and leave you with lines and wrinkles. Pollution can leave you with clogged pores and grimy skin.

At night, your circulation system goes into sleep mode, which can leave you waking up with puffy eyes and a dull complexion. A facial massage can help by increasing circulation (to give you a healthy glow), stimulating the lymph nodes (to reduce swelling), and relaxing tight muscles (to prevent the formation of wrinkles).


How to give yourself a facial massage

You can easily give yourself a facial massage at home:

Remove all make-up and wash your face first (otherwise you may wind up pushing dirt into your pores).

Using gentle pressure, use your index, middle, and ring fingers to massage the skin in an upward direction. Don’t push too hard! The skin on your face is very sensitive, and pushing too hard can cause bruising or swelling.

Start at the base of your throat and work upwards, along your jawline to your ears, then massage in circular strokes over your cheeks and around your lips.

Go easy on your eye area, as the skin there is very delicate. Tap around your eyes with the pads of your fingers, then massage downwards along the sides of your nose.

Next, move to your forehead and massage outwards, towards your temples. Gently massage your temples in a circular motion.

The right massage oil for you

Always use a bit of oil to help your fingers glide across your skin. You can buy facial massage oils, but a teaspoon of vegetable or nut oil can work just as well.

For dry skin, use olive, almond, or avocado oil. For oily skin, go for jojoba or hazelnut oil. For sensitive skin, try apricot oil.

You can also try mixing the oil with an herbal tea, such as chamomile or green tea. You shouldn’t have to rinse your face after your massage, as the oil will be absorbed into your skin, leaving you with a soft, smooth, glowing complexion.

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