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Whether you’re trying to cut down on Sephora hauls or just soften the blow of losing an expensive lip gloss every night out, there are lots of ways you can get more than you bargained for when it comes to beauty.

As a general rule, it’s always good to invest in quality basics”think moisturizer, hair colour, base makeup”but there are ways you can skimp on the extras and still look fresh.


Double up

Getting two uses out of one beauty product is the best way to score a deal. Textured face wipes that cleanse and remove make-up can also serve as a gentle exfoliant, helping to loosen debris and polish skin”even better for those with sensitive skin types who can’t handle harsher products.

Another multiple that pulls practical double duty helps add flush and brightness: a cheek and lip stain. When applied lightly to the apples of your cheeks and more concentrated on your pout, a stain serves as your blush and lipstick (while helping save space in your purse too!).


Hit the drugstore

It might seem like a downgrade from the storied aisles of your favourite upscale beauty emporium, but there are functional items available at your local drugstore for a fraction of the cost. If you’re overly generous with your high-end cleanser, head to the skincare aisle. Usually, you can afford to spend the least on cleansers since they don’t sit on your face all day like moisturizers. Just look for dermatologist-recommended brands such as Aveeno or Cetaphil”the gentle formulations won’t irritate your skin.

Then head to the makeup aisle because top makeup artists advocate particular drugstore brand mascaras for a reason”they work. Just experiment to find the best one for you: lengthening, volumizing, or both. And while you’re there, grab clear mascara: it’s an inexpensive substitute for high-end brow gels.


When to splurge

There are a couple of items that you can shell out a little extra for, but they’re worth it because they will completely enhance your make-up arsenal. The first is a tinted moisturizer (or a liquid bronzer). Particularly perfect in summer when layers run the risk of sweating off, a tinted moisturizer hydrates and evens out your complexion.

A liquid bronzer”applied sparingly”can function as a base that highlights as well. And when it comes to colour options, splurge on eyeshadow palettes. These are a great value, especially if you love to experiment with eye makeup, since they contain more options for a fraction of the cost.

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