Estee Lauder Enlists Irene Kim for Global Beauty

It’s a wonderful time to be alive — but especially if you’re on the #Internet. Case in point: Estee Lauder has just enlisted Korean TV star and social media personality Irene Kim to be their new Global Beauty Contributor.

Kim will be taking to the brand’s online and social media platforms to give her take on Estee Lauder products, and has already recorded her first video which you can see below.

Now, if you don’t know much about Kim yet, hold tight. Raised in both the US and Korea, Irene attended New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology, and her love of fashion and beauty started there. Since, she’s gone on to be dubbed WWD’s fashion “It Girl,” and hosts fashion programs in South Korea in both English and Korean. (She’s now currently based in Seattle.)

“It’s still unreal and I’m so excited to be part of the Estee Lauder family,” she told The Estee Edit (in an interview you should totally check out). “The idea of beauty is how you define it. Social media has truly made beauty about individuality and discovering what works best for you.”

So yep, I’d say Irene is a good Global Beauty candidate. Good call, Estee Lauder.

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