3 Luxury Beauty Items Worth the Pricetag

You’re a beauty maven used to finding some of the cheaper options in those aisles at your local drugstore—scrimping and saving in order to be able to get that extra Friday-morning latte. And as much as we love a good cheap & cheerful beauty product, sometimes you come across a product so luxurious, it’s actually worth making your own coffee from home once in a while. Whether you need to save some extra change for these babies, or are putting them on your wish list, these are some that are worth the splurge.

Dior Capture Totale Triple Correcting Serum Foundation, $85 at The Bay

How much do you normally pay for foundation? Likely no more than $15, right? Well, normally we would recommend staying right in that comfortable price range, but this Dior Capture Totale Triple Correcting Serum Foundation is life-changing (yes, you heard me). Ringing in at $85, this luxurious liquid provides full coverage without feeling heavy and makes your skin look so damn glowy, it actually shocks me every time I put it on. It stays on all day without melting (even on the hottest summer days—though there haven’t been many—this foundation didn’t budge) and has SPF to keep your skin protected. 

Fresh Cré¨me Ancienne Soft Cream, $164 at Sephora

But before you put on that foundation, you have to hydrate your skin, right? The latest from Fresh—a brand known for its luxe beauty products—is the Cré¨me Ancienne Soft Cream, a lightweight moisturizer that packs some serious skin-quenching punch. Since we all know hydrated skin equals younger-looking skin, it’s no surprise that this whipped cré¨me has antioxidant and super-hydrating ingredients like vitamin E, chamomile wax, meadowfoam seed oil and Echinacea extract. Of course, these ingredients do come at the hefty price of $164 for the 1oz container and $328 for the 4oz, but are both well worth the investment when you wake up looking like a goddess. Just saying. (Available this October at Sephora.)

Clarisonic, from $139 at Sephora

Have you hopped on the Clarisonic train yet? No?! What on earth are you waiting for? This is one product that has become a must-have for many beauty editors and is really more of an investment than a splurgey purchase. Use this nightly, weekly or whenever you need an extra scrub in your cleansing routine—this exfoliating brush buffs skin to a polished finish and will give you visibly smoother and more even looking skin in no time—just ask any lady that’s used it. It can be used with your favourite cleanser or with the Clarisonic brand versions that are available, and once you make the $250+ investment, all you need to do is change the brush heads occasionally. 

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    • Rachel
    • January 1, 2015
    Just got a Clarisonic for Christmas, I’m totally in love!

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