The Best Moisturizers for Very Dry Skin

As if enduring the winter months isn’t already bad enough, fussy, sensitive skin can freak out and make the frosty season even more unbearable. Dry, chapped skin can feel irritated and uncomfortable and look the worse for it; very dry skin can all too often appear flaky and patchy. Fear not, beauties: stock these awesome, skin-soothing moisturize-boosters in your arsenal and win the war on winter skin.

Smooth, happy skin requires more than just a good face cream (although that is key, too: stay tuned). Very dry skin still needs a toner to swipe away dirt and oil, and choosing the right formula will ensure you’re doing so without stripping away much needed moisture. Not only does Stila’s Undercover Conditioning Toner & Moisture Prep gently tone, it actually adds moisture by nourishing and conditioning skin. A whole whack of vitamins and antioxidants soothes and quenches dryness, while Alpine Rose Stem Cell Technology regenerates for a fresh complexion; panthenol deeply moisturizes, and a dewy, line free face is revealed.


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