4 Spa Treatments That Help Detox Your Body

Occasional spa treatments are good for the mind and body. But these four spa treatments do even more than that. They help cleanse your body from inside out and have many beneficial detox properties to leave you glowing!

1. Steam Baths

A steam bath or steam room is an incredible treatment for extracting impurities from the body with heat. Unlike a sauna, a steam bath uses wet heat and various essential oils to clear the pores. A steam bath helps cleanse the skin, open pores, remove dead skin cells and can help you sweat out the toxins in your body.

2. Water Circuit

Water Circuits or therapeutic pools, are a really great way ease body pains and help your body eliminate toxins from your body. A water circuit is often a combination of pools carefully calibrated to various temperatures with mixtures of Epson salts and essential oils. Done in a circuit with a sauna and or steam room, the overall affect is super detoxifying and will relax even your tenses muscles.

3. Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massages are great for chronic pain, but can also help increase blood flow throughout the body and improve blood pressure through easing stress and tension. After a massage, make sure you drink lots of water and try to take a hot shower or bath. The massage will release toxins from your body tissues and muscles and will need to be flushed out.

4. Seaweed wraps

A seaweed wrap has numerous detoxifying properties. A seaweed wrap is often combined with hot water, essential oils or clay and spread out over your entire body. The body is then wrapped in a hot towel while the paste is soaked into the skin. A seaweed wrap helps eliminate impurities and causes you to sweat out toxins and washed away when the wrap is off.

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