Best Sex Position for…Lazy Sex

Who are we kidding? Sometimes we can be really, really horny and just really, really lazy all at once. Sometimes we’re tired, sometimes we’re hungover, sometimes we’re just plain unmotivated to do anything more than slip our panties to the side and slip it in. And sometimes that is okay! So here’s our tips for the best positions for when you are just looking for the easiest lay of your life…


Nothing says lazy sex quite like wiggling yourself back onto him and just taking it sweet and slow and letting it build and rise and fall all without having to, literally, lift either of your heads off the pillow.

The leg toss

Plain and simple, when you’re lying next to your guy, toss you leg over his body and guide his member inside of you. This position often requires much less than a subtle rocking motion and maybe a little manual stimulation to get you both to the heights of ecstasy.

Take a seat

Sometimes all you want/need to do is to crawl up into your guys lap and grind all up in him until you’re seeing stars and screaming out. This is one of the perfect lazy positions because it requires little more effort than sitting and moving your hips. Literally.


While this classic position can take a ton of energy in some circumstances, there is a magnitude of how much energy has to be put in. If he’s full of energy but you’re feeling blah, this is literally the perfect position. However, even if your guy isn’t at his peak, just have him lay along your body, keeping movements slow and languid and sexy.


If all else fails and you both are feeling so lazy that you can’t even bring it upon yourselves to climb on top of one another, then mutual masturbation is probably the easiest and quickest way to get your kicks. After all, no one will ever know how to get you off as fast as you do.

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