Prescription Acne Busters

Got serious skin problems? Fighting acne can be an emotionally draining (not to mention expensive) battle. If you’ve tried every over-the-counter acne cream in the book and still haven’t made any headway, it may be time to go to the pros. Consider seeing your doc to get hooked up with a prescription that will actually clear up your complexion “ we’ve rounded up some of the best options.


What it is: Accutane (aka Isotretinoin) has been hailed as a miracle drug for people who suffer from severe acne. It actually works to reduce the amount of oil your skin produces, and even makes your sebum less sticky, meaning it’s less likely to clog up your pores. You may not even have to stay on it permanently “ over 35 percent of people who take just one course of the drug (which takes about five months) are cured.

Just remember: Accutane can cause serious developmental problems in fetuses. It’s such a serious risk that although you might not even be thinking about pregnancy, doctors still advise that you use two forms of contraception while on the drug.

Birth Control

What it is: Taking hormonal birth control doesn’t just keep you baby-free, it also lowers your levels of testosterone, which will make your skin produce less pimple-causing oil. It’s a great method if you would normally be taking the birth control pill anyway “ just ask your doctor to recommend a pill that also improves your skin (common options include Diane and Alesse).

Just remember: Hormonal birth control comes with its own set of risks, so you’ll still want to have a chat with your doctor to make sure it’s the right option for you, especially if you smoke or suffer from high blood pressure or migraines.


What it is: An antibiotic like Tetracycline or Doxycycline will prevent acne by fighting the bacteria that causes it. You could see your skin improving by up to 25 percent in the first month, with continued improvement after that.

Just remember: As with other antibiotics, there’s a chance that your birth control pill may be slightly less effective while you’re on one of these medications. If you decide to take both at the same time, remember to use a secondary form of contraceptive as a back-up. Many of these meds will also make you extra sensitive to the sun, so remember to keep slathering on that SPF.

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