The Top 5 Cleansing Wipes To Rule Them All

Cleansing wipes are the old faithful of the skincare game–as double cleanses and cleansing brushes become more and more popular, few of us regularly use wet tissues to wipe off makeup at the end of the day anymore, but no skincare or makeup set is complete without them. Wet wipes are crucial for touch ups around the eyes and brows, and in a pinch, they have multiple applications, from ad hoc brush cleaner to shower-in-a-packet when you’re going camping. Beauty editors end up trying millions of wipes in the course of our career, which usually gives us a better handle on what’s best both in terms of skincare quality and effective makeup removal. Here are the top five on my list right now.

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Best for travel

Individually packed towelettes are hard to come by, so individually packed biodegradable towelettes that smell like fresh bamboo are instant winners in my books, especially when they’re full of nourishing vitamins and conditioning jojoba. The Juicy Bamboo Box-To-Go ($19.50) from Kaia Naturals is a home run not only because the wipes are individually wrapped, but they’re also infused with anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and nourishing organic honey–perhaps one of the few things that can ward away airplane-induced dryness.

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