Miranda Kerr and Swarovski Unveil Their Latest Collection

It’s happening! Collaboration season is coming at us quickly, and Swarovski’s collaboration with Miranda Kerr is no exception.

This holiday season (because if you don’t think the Christmas collections aren’t ready to roll already you’ve got another thing coming), the model and jewellery titan are launching two lines, Diapason and Duo, which are classic (Diapason) and modern (Duo).

“It is wonderful to see it all coming to fruition, it has been a wonderful process,” Kerr said, describing her latest venture — and Swarovski’s creative director, Nathalie Colin, is on the same page.

Describing Kerr as “a powerful woman who knows what she wants,” Colin went on to say the model-turned-designer was “very engaged in the creative process” and that they had “rich discussions, starting in Sydney and carrying on with meetings around the globe from Paris to NYC and LA.”

So what came out of these meetings? Well first, pieces reflect the values Kerr holds dear: Brilliance, Love, Joy, Spirit, Strength, and Grace. And you can channel those via pendants adorned with corresponding symbols.

As for the Diapason line, pieces are “organic” but glamorous and play with “fluid waterfalls,” via V and Y-shaped necklaces. Duo, on the other hand, combine gemstone crystals and sparkle (and are a “modern twist” on the Swarovski game).

“I love mixing the rose-gold with the white-gold plating, it is an important element of the collection which makes it quite modern,” Kerr described.

Cool! And despite the collection being holiday-oriented, it will be available online and in stores on July 13.

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