Beauty Tips to Sex Up Your Look

We all like to look beautiful, but sometimes certain nights call for something a little more sexy “ whether it be dramatic eyes, dishevelled hair or the less is more makeup tactic that time after time remains in-demand. But contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to shell out top dollar on extensions, false eyelashes or push-up bras because the secret to sexiness is to embrace your natural strong points and to flaunt them shamelessly. Here’s how we think you can sex up your look:

Smoke on the Water
It’s tried and true but for good reason as the smoky eye automatically takes you from zero to 100 in only a few short steps. By allowing the windows to your soul to stand out above all else, you automatically become alluring, enticing and all other adjectives along the same line “ because after all, when doesn’t someone become synonymous with sexy when flaunting the iconic look?

Simply use a liquid liner around the base of your eyelashes, then take a dark shadow and blend it in. Afterward, take a flat brush and apply to the crease of your eyelid and underneath your eye, then use a lighter shade on the lid to pull it together. But be careful “ there’s a fine line between looking sexy and looking like Courtney Love, so avoid dark circles at all costs.

Cherry Bomb
The smoky eye mouth equivalent, bright red lips help bring out your inner vamp while allowing everyone to focus only on one thing: your Angelina Jolie-equivalent pout. But like the rules applied to dark eye makeup, dark lips abide by the same, so if you’re going to choose a crimson or cranberry shade, keep the rest of your makeup relatively subdued.

However, there is a fine line between 80s kitsch and seductress chic, so opt for deeper reds that stain your lips as opposed to a waxy look that mimics brat pack films. Also, to achieve that kissable look, avoid the lip liner of the 1990s “ everything old may be new again, but not when it comes to cartoon-esque outlines.

A Natural Woman
Few things are as sexy as confidence, so it goes without saying that by rocking minimal makeup and dishevelled hair, you’re making a statement that you’re comfortable in your own skin. That’s not to say you need to abandon cosmetics all together, but with mascara, blush and a light pink gloss, you’ll own the morning after and/or the this old thing? look like nobody else.

Dusting blush or a light bronzer on your cheeks, mascara with a touch of eyeliner at the sides and a long-lasting gloss, you’ll capture the girl-next-door look of the 1960’s that’s become increasingly popular with shows like Mad Men. And with your hair bigger, loosely curled and flowing everywhere, you’ll look like you just rolled out of bed “ in the best possible way.



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  1. Avatar
    • Marisa Baratta
    • January 1, 1970
    A confident smile is indeed more beautiful than any accessory 🙂
  2. Avatar
    • Marisa Baratta
    • January 1, 1970
    A confident smile is indeed more beautiful than any accessory 🙂

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