How old is too old?

Bikini-lovers, fear no more: British Vogue‘s editor Alexandra Shulman has ruled that there’s no age limit for wearing a two-piece “ despite what some critics have to say:

Certainly with the loss of muscle tone and wear and tear that women’s bodies suffer as time passes, the bikini becomes an increasingly difficult option the older we become.  But as in so many things, the divide between one-piece and bikini-wearers is less to do with age and attitude.

Fair enough.  But is it fair to say that there are certain instances in which confidence can still lead to a oh no moment?  (Not that I want to mention names, but we’ve all seen various paparazzi shots that leave us shaking our heads and thinking, why oh why?!)

But then you see women like Helen Mirren that look absolutely ravishing in their red two-pieces (and the British actress is 63), that make you nod along with Shulman’s statements and agree wholeheartedly.  Maybe it really is about confidence “ and if people have issues with the way others look in their beachwear, they can look the other way and respect their putting it out there attitudes.

After all, isn’t confidence the sexiest thing of all?

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