Want To Tone Up? Try This Cutting-Edge Body Sculpting Treatment

By Alison McGill

Sometimes a healthy diet and a dedicated workout schedule isn’t enough to target and tone those stubborn areas like underneath your biceps, your abdomen, back, buttocks and thighs. These are five of the hardest areas to shift and shape up. If this is something that bothers you, it might be time to take things beyond the gym and enlist the help of a body sculpting treatment to help you achieve your goals.

Body sculpting and contouring treatments are not new on the beauty scene, but there is advanced technology that has proven more effective than ever in eliminating fat and toning muscles. Dr. Lisa Kellett is a Toronto-based dermatologist who says being able offer both actions simultaneously is a not only a major bonus, but a totally new frontier in the world of body sculpting treatments.

Dr. Kellett recently introduced this new-to-market innovation to clients at her clinic DLK on Avenue with the arrival of Emsculpt NEO treatments which combine radio frequency and high intensity focused electromagnetic technology (HIFEM+). “With this body sculpting treatment we are able to treat both fat and muscle at the same time in one 30-minute session,” Dr. Kellett says. “It’s perfect for fit and healthy people who have tried everything to tone those difficult areas. Though it’s designed for use on nine areas of the body, the abdomen is the most requested zone.”

To see optimum results, Dr.Kellett recommends a series of four body sculpting treatments (the cost at DLK on Avenue for this package is $4,900), scheduled one week apart, with maintenance sessions booked as required. There is no special prep required for NEO treatments and zero downtime. During a session, you lie down and the Emsculpt attachment is secured to the area you wish to target. Radio frequency heating causes muscle temperatures to rise by several degrees which prepares them for stress, much like a pre-workout warm up. Muscles are then contracted at different intensities which is very difficult to achieve during a conventional workout.

In terms of fat reduction, Emsculpt treatments work by heating subcutaneous fat to levels that cause apoptosis, a process whereby fat cells are damaged, then naturally eliminated by the body.

Post-treatment, Dr. Kellett says you will feel as though you have had a workout and will notice some mild muscle soreness. The treatment area may also be slightly red, but that will calm within a few hours. It’s important to keep your hydration levels high post-session just as you would after an intense workout.

“Results are noticeable almost immediately, and continue to improve in the weeks following,” Dr. Kellett reports. “Clients feel amazing after treatments. They notice their clothes fit better, and their skin looks and feels firmer. These body sculpting treatments are an easy, non-surgical way effectively reshape the body.”

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