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She’s opened up her home to you and the rest of her guests¦she’s poured the wine, she’s stocked the food, and she’s made sure that everyone is perfectly happy at every point during the evening. And how do you repay her? Why, with the most fabulous gifts of the season of course. Here are our top five trendy gifts for hostess gifting this season.

Homemade treats
If you’ve got a little extra time on your hands during the holiday, homemade treats are always a winner as hostess gifts. If you attend a number of parties every year, invest the time to make homemade cookies, candies, jams or spiced nuts, and then wrap them with cute ribbons and set them aside to grab-and-go on route to any event.

Lucky plant
Nothing will be appreciated more by your hostess than bringing a little gift of good luck into their home just in time for the New Year. Look out for a lucky bamboo plant (four bamboo shoots tied together with a red ribbon) which will help bring solidarity within a home or a jade plant, which is said to bring prosperity.

Bread warmer
The perfect gift for the hostess who loves to throw a good dinner party, you can find these gorgeous terra-cotta place just about anywhere these days. Your hostess with the most-est can place them in the oven to warm up and then tuck them into the bottom of a bread bakest to keep baked goods warm and soft. Bonus points for showing up with a freshly baked load of delicious bread as well.

Monogrammed mugs
Cute and inexpensive, monogrammed mugs are the perfect way to personalize both your gift, and your hostess’ home. Buy a set of six with her first initial if she is single, if she is married, go with six cups that have the first letter of the couples last name. Step it up a notch by placing them in a cute basket with a few bags of hand selected, freshly ground coffee beans for her to share with her guests.

Breakfast basket
For the hostess who provides you with a place to lay your weary head, either after a long drive home for the holidays or after a night of one too many beverage at the office Christmas party, bring along a treat to help ease her troubles the next morning. Line a basket with a tea towel and fill it to the brim with delectable coffees, teas, breads, scones, jams, and butter. Trust us, she will appreciate it the next morning as much as you will.

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