How to be a Grownup: Handling a Hangover

So you went out last night. Nice job rallying. Of course, now you’re paying for all those margs and tequila shots and two bottles of wine you thought would be a good idea to start with. Trust me, I’m right there with you. At 28, I really don’t consider myself old, but somewhere around my 25th birthday my hangovers because easier to develop and harder to shake. Since I am currently parked on my couch writing this the day after my bachelorette party (kidding, I wrote this two days ago… I’m not getting anything done today), let’s get through this together, shall we?

Find a hangover buddy

When I mean a hangover buddy, I mean someone who can take care of you when you’re hungover. It’s better if this person is not also hungover. You want this person (mom, roommate, manfriend, weird anomaly friend who doesn’t get hangovers) to be able to stand/walk/drive to be able to get you all of the things you need to feel better.

Eat whatever you want without shame

If you’re able to keep food down, then eat whatever the fuck you want. You’re a champ and you work hard and you deserve to eat that burger and fries and chips and pizza without anyone judging you.

Don’t feel bad for puking

Okay, you can feel bad if you puke on someone, but otherwise, just let it happen. You’ll feel so much better afterwards. Trust me.

Take some Gravol

It was literally only two months ago when I realized that Gravol can be a hangover cure and I haven’t looked back since (actually, if I’m being completely honest I haven’t been hungover since then, but it’s now my no-fail cure).

Stay hydrated

Get those electrolytes in you! If we’re following Rebel Wilson’s advice in How To Be Single, then Pedialyte is your new go-to. Who are we to question such sage advice?

Take a shower (carefully)

If you find yourself at the point where you can stand for a few minutes without a) falling down or b) puking, take a quick shower. Being clean will make you feel so much better overall.

Own it

Clear your schedule, put your phone on vibrate, close the curtains (so you don’t see the nice weather mocking you) and take a personal day. Watch whatever you want (maybe Orange Is The New Black if you’re not quite finished?), take five naps and order takeout and have your hangover buddy (see above) deliver it to you in bed.

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