How to Wear Hair Accessories Without Looking Like a Toddler

Scrunchies, hair wraps and Goody animal barrettes may bring back memories of school photo mishaps for some (hello, grade 1), but the ongoing obsession with all things ˜90s means hair accessories aren’t going anywhere. We’re taking cues from the runways and our fave celebs for a master class on how to wear them without looking completely juvenile.

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Bad gal barrettes

Image via Teen Vogue

Hat tip to RiRi for showing us the way when it comes to making the most outrageous looks passable (assless chaps come to mind). Barrettes are undoubtedly much easier for the average girl to pull off, but there are still lessons to learn here. We love how Rihanna used several identical small clips in contrast with her hair for an ornamental effect. Notice she ditched OTT jewellery in favour of simple stud earrings that didn’t compete with her pearl clips.

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