Fitness 101: Find a Work Out Buddy

Working out is a daunting task. If you’re not a fitness aficionado, the idea of putting your gear on, getting into the car and heading down to the gym can be the stuff of after-work nightmares “ and you’re not alone. So if you’re hoping to make fitness a part of your lifestyle, the easiest way to do it is by enlisting a partner in crime. Here’s why you want to work out with a friend “ and don’t blame us when you’re bombarded by gym invites.

1. They keep fitness fun
Working out often lives up to its name. So to make the gym seem like less of a torture chamber, work out with a friend to make it fun. Exercise can help you see friends more often (if they work out, you’ll catch them at the gym), and you can actually laugh about what you’re going through. Think Romy and Michele in their cycling class: a lot more entertaining when you’ve got a best pal along for the ride.

2. They’ll keep you on track
You’re more likely to slack if nobody’s checking up on you, so if you’ve enlisted the buddy system, you won’t get away with skipping the gym. Like Monica and Chandler in the Friends early seasons, a workout buddy can force you into a steady regimen (provided you don’t make the person depressed about being jobless and/or single). The I’m tired excuse will be a lot harder to sell when you’re dealing with someone who knows that’s your classic get-out-of-jail-free line.

3. They’ll keep you motivated
True, your friend may be a part-time drill sergeant meets excuse-to-go-out-later, but they’ll also keep you motivated when you’re feeling down. All in all, you want to work out with a friend because they’ll be honest without being unkind: if you start to feel stunted in your workout “ or worse, discouraged “ they’ll say the things they know will keep you on the straight and narrow. You’ll also be less likely to beat yourself up when you’ve got someone telling you the truth (read: that you’re working hard, and you deserve to feel good about it).

4. They’re a bodyguard
We’ve all been in situations where we’ve being cornered by a stranger eager to talk. So the best part about working out with a friend? They’ll deflect the creepy guy, the person who wants to get personal, or even the instructor who can’t tell you just want to put your iPod on and go. Of course, this only works if you do the same back “ so reciprocate the buddy system. 


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