5 Reasons Sex is Good for You

We all know that sex burns calories. (Up to 100 calories per half hour to be exact!) But what would you say if we told you that having frequent, enthusiastic sex could improve the quality of your physical health? Well, we can probably guess what you might say!

1. Heart health
Getting intimate with someone you love is good for your heart. Not just emotionally, studies say, but physically too. According to a study by Queens University, having sex three or more times a week reduces the risk of heart attack or stroke by half. Talk about getting your cardio.

2. Boosts immunity
Afraid of getting sick this season? According to Wilkes University in Pennsylvania, those who have sex at least once a week show a 30 per cent increase in immunoglobulin A “ an antibody which boosts the immune system and helps your body ward off viruses. Keep this in mind with the approach of the cold and flu season. Who knows, you may not even need that flu shot.    

3. Pain relief
We are probably all familiar with the tried and true excuse, Not tonight, honey. I have a headache. However, many studies have shown that sex can actually reduce all kinds of pain “ especially headaches! During sex (particularly right before orgasm) our bodies release endorphins that help combat discomfort. So the next time your guy wants to make love, put your excuses “ and your Advil “ aside and say goodbye to that migraine.

4. Fights cancer
A recent French study has shown that women who have little to no sex are three times as likely to develop breast cancer than those women who are sexually active. Similarly, sex has been shown to significantly reduce the likelihood of prostate cancer in men. Good for you and good for him. What’s not to love about that?

5. Look younger
According to renowned Scottish neuropsychologist, David Weeks, having sex with a significant other at least three times a week can make you look up to ten years younger. Things like wrinkles and grey hair are not just caused by old age but by anxiety as well; however, sex releases chemicals in your body which reduce this anxiety. Looking to lessen signs of aging? Ditch your wrinkle cream and get naughty instead!

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