Stacy London’s Tips for Style & Confidence

At first, it may seem surprising that Stacy London is the new face of Excel gum. You know Stacy London from her work as a celebrity stylist, or maybe from doling out tough love as the host of What Not To Wear. Personal style + gum? Bear with me, because it will make perfect sense soon.

I had to the chance to listen to Stacy speak about the intersection of confidence and style at a recent lunch date at Toronto’s SoHo House. In person, Stacy is vibrant, hilarious, and so chic. She commands the room, and when she begins to explain her philosophy on confidence, I listen.  

Stacy’s tips about confidence are amazing because they’re so accessible. She explains the importance of certainty and preparedness to create confidence. A pack of gum for coffee breath, travel sized dry shampoo, and a great lipstick will prepare you for any social situation, and will give you the certainty that if an emergency arises, you got this.

Stacy then takes us through her current favourite outfits. She raves about the importance of a “12 hour shoe” that you look and feel totally comfortable in. She recommends choosing a cut or fabric that skims over your problem areas and highlights the parts of your body that you know are fly. She says a white shirt is “essential” and goes with everything on those days where choosing an outfit is not happening.

It’s here that it really becomes clear why a notable celeb stylist is representing Excel gum. Stacy’s work on What Not To Wear was not just about making people look better. She made people FEEL better by giving them the tools to increase their self-esteem through style and beauty. Then Stacy drops my favourite quote of the afternoon: “Confidence and self-esteem are the building blocks to great self-image”. Now it all makes sense!

Being prepared with whatever your essentials are (mine are gum, portable stain remover and bobby pins!), and wearing an outfit you feel amazing in will give you control over your self-image, and create an incredible first impression wherever your day might take you!

BONUS: Stacey’s Top 5 Tips for Confidence

1. Perfect your posture

Shoulders back and head high will make you exude confidence, even if you don’t feel it!

2. Own your style from head-to-toe

Focus on enhancing the parts of your body that you love.

3. Put your fresh breath forward

Simply carrying a pack of Excel gum in your pocket will guarantee you’re ready to get close to people in any situation.

4. Plan in advance.

Pack lunch or a gym bag to maximize your time and head into tomorrow feeling ready for anything.

5. Don’t skimp on the details

Complete your look with a killer lipstick or necklace are easy ways to look and feel better instantly.

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