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Now that we’re passed that awkward trend of popping your collar (boys, take note), it’s safe to try out collars again- this time in a more fashionable way. Collars have been popping up (pardon the pun) on everything from dresses to t-shirts, as well as being worn as separates. Here’s your guide to collaring yourself stylish while avoiding looking like an Elvis impersonator.

Collar Grammar
To wear a collar, one must know a collar. Get your collar vocabulary in gear”you’ll be surprised how many different types of collars there are! Some main ones to remember include : the Peter Pan, the Bow Neck, the Cowl neck, the Jabot, the Sailor, and the Mandarin collar.

Collared Dresses
If you are thinking about trying out a collared dress, when it comes to longer to mid-length dresses, less is often more. A cowl-neck collar on a longer dress may make you look frumpy as you’ll be swimming in material. Instead, with these dress lengths look for a cute Peter Pan collar as to not overwhelm and take away from the dress. If you’re bold enough to try a bow collar, again, if it’s longer keep in calmer, if it’s smaller, be a bow-baller. If your dress is on the shorter and/or more form-fitting side, embrace your collar drama to balance yourself out. Remember when accessorising to concentrate more on killer earrings or bracelets rather than necklaces, unless you’re going for the layered look.

Collar Necklaces
Give kudos to Cleopatra for the idea of wearing a collar as a separate. If you want to zest up an all-black outfit, add that oomph to your go-to weekend outfit, or simply feel like trying something different, a collar necklace is the perfect way to go. There are so many different styles of this trend, you’re sure to find something that’s unique enough for you. A great place to check out some different styles is on Etsy’s website, where there is everything from pearls and sequins, to lace and chain-link collar necklaces. The best part of this trend is you can go as daring or as demure as you want.

Collar Textures
Just in time for layering weather, the collar trend is great when it comes to mix and match textures. One cosy way to embrace the union of an unlikely texture duo is to wear a tuxedo collar underneath a sweater, then top it with a chic motorcycle jacket. The key to layering with collars is you want the look to be eclectic, but not too hectic. Think more in varying materials than trying to overdo colors. Collars are perfect for balancing, as they put a fresh touch on longer layers.

The main thing to remember when it comes to this trend is to have fun, get creative, and get collared! If you’re not into commitment, try a collar as a separate first…you may just find your match.

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