12 Best Instagram Snaps from Toronto Fashion Week

From funny antics pre-show to transformative make-up moments backstage

We’re obsessed with Instagram. How obsessed you ask? Let us put it this way, when we should be hard at work meeting deadlines or fast asleep at 1:00 a.m. we’re scrolling through the picture sharing app as if it were a lifeline to the world and beyond. Part newsfeed and part tool to prevent FOMO, us and the app’s 300M active users are addicted to it “ like a cup of Timmy’s “ and keep coming back for more. So, it’s no surprise that it’s one of the most popular social media tools and is the go to for World MasterCard Fashion Week goers to self-promote, peek backstage, see show-stopping runway moments, as well as capture Toronto’s street style scene.

As of day three “ March 25th at 11:01 a.m. to be precise “ more than 54k posts have been uploaded to Instagram using fashion week’s official hashtag #WMCFW. Now, for you to go through each and every image under this hashtag would result in major neck pains and cause the carpal tunnel syndrome in your hands and wrists to flare up again. Therefore, we did the finger work for you and found the most stylish images online. And yes we went to see a massage therapist after all that work.

From funny antics pre-show to transformative make-up moments backstage and even a surprise appearance of a certain Canadian supermodel on the runway, click on the gallery below and see our selection of the 12 best Instagram snaps from fashion week in Toronto.

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Designer Sunny Fong gives us his best blue steel look prior to presenting VAWK’s fall 2015 collection. Zoolander can’t touch this.

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