Bachelor Canada, Season 2, Episode 10 Recap: Tim’s Final Rose

After last week’s cliffhanger, we were waiting with bated breath to see what would happen with April and who Tim would choose to be his betrothed.

After seeing April so upset, Tim was having some serious doubts about his choice in his lady love and he wanted to give it one last shot with April before they made any decisions. With a clearer mind, April met Tim feeling better than she had the day before and greeted him with a big smile. Sitting on the beach together, April tried to express her feelings and freakout the day before, but said she absolutely wanted to be there with him no matter what.

After some time with April, Tim went to meet Trish to spend some time with her and hopefully make his choice. Giving Trish a bit of hope, they put a lock on a love bridge and threw away the key, in hopes that they would return in 10 years to see if the key was still there.

But before he picks the girl, he has to pick the ring (actually, I think it’s supposed to be the other way around, but what do I know?). With the rock secured, it was time to pop the question of the hour.

With Tim looking dapper and the ladies all decked out in hopes that they might be “the one,” tensions were running seriously high. Tim met Trish with a huge smile and we couldn’t help but think it was her… especially when he said he could totally see a life with her. But then when he said his heart was for someone else, well ours broke just a wee bit. Thankfully though, there was no bitterness (like with Clare and Juan Pablo), but there were some tears.

After Trish left, there was just one lady left—April. After some niceties back and forth, Tim got down on one knee and asked her the million-dollar question. Her response? “Yeeeeeah I will.” And they lived happily ever after.

After the final rose

What’s better than every season finale of The Bachelor franchise? The tell-all After the Final Rose. Not wasting any time, Trish was brought up to the hot seat (looking pretty hot herself, might we add—though we couldn’t help but notice she may have had some work done…) and admitted she was a bit lonely, but holding up after getting let go in Tahiti. When they did the video montage of Tim and Trish’s relationship, she got a little emotional, still feeling all those feelings for him, even after he chose someone else. Then Tim came out and greeted her and it got a little awkward up on that stage. When asked what was missing, Tim responded that it’s not that something was missing, but that something was overshadowing their relationship. Trish was pretty cool with getting jilted, saying Tim and April were obviously nauseating adorable together, but she wanted to know when he knew it wasn’t her. Sort of beating around the bush, he explained that his relationship with April was up and down.

After Trish said her piece, it was time for the couple of the hour to make their first public appearance. They smooched and the audience awwwed while this writer gagged just a wee bit, but truthfully, they looked happy, even if April does still seem perpetually confused. What’s next for them? Well, “there are plans” for impending nuptials, but no concrete details just yet. 

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