Fashion Tips to Suit Your Body Type

As much as we may appreciate the tricks of the trade offered to make each seasonal look work for us, when it comes to differing body types, not every ensemble can work for everyone. But with that in mind, we’ve come up with the perfect guide to dressing flatteringly and in-style. So in the spirit of embracing summer’s go-to items, here are your body shape fashion tips. 

Know your figure
If there’s anything we can all relate to, it’s the feeling of attempting to embrace a certain look only to realize it’s not going to work. But that doesn’t mean we’ve got to stick to high-rise jeans, button-up shirts and oxford flats (though that does make for a good outfit). It’s easy to embrace the likes of midi dresses, gentlemen-inspired aesthetics and even rompers provided you wear them in a way that’s flattering. If you’ve got curves, you may want to pair a short-sleeved print button up with high-rise wide-legged jeans, and if you’re lacking them (curves, that is), grab a pair of wedge sandals, a saddle bag and a floral-print onesie.

Wear what fits
Baggy pants, skintight jeans and crop tops may define much of the current fashion landscape, but while we may be tempted to embrace the it-items of summer 2011, it’s important to make sure that fit’s prioritized over popularity. Meaning? If you’ve got great legs, but not the greatest mid-section, you may want to opt for a short leather skirt paired with a tucked-in tank top and blazer overtop, while if you’ve got a larger derriere, you can embrace the Joan Holloway look with a 60s-inspired silhouette-hugging dress that’s both flattering and in-demand. To find your bets suit to wear, visit this online men’s suits brisbane store.

Don’t cave to pressure
We hate to say it, but there comes a time that when you’re undecided, a salesperson may try to push you in a certain direction and urge you to embrace a trend you’re not particularly comfortable with “ or look good in. But that’s not to stay you need to play it safe or boring. Feel free to experiment with styles and embrace risk-taking, but if you’re being courted in a certain direction that you might not be particularly interested in, offer alternatives like tights, belts and shoes to anchor an outfit or to try and make it better suited to your body type.

Use the buddy system
We’ve all taken to fitting rooms, tried on an outfit, and gotten home to realize we’ve made a horrible mistake. So if you’re willing to take some fashion risks but know that your typically neutral wardrobe might not fare well alongside a new neon dress (that’s not to say you shouldn’t try it), bring along a friend who can offer you an honest opinion. While they may not share the same body type as you, they can still offer advice and suggestions. Case in point: if you’re considering donning a white slip dress as opposed to your typical pencil skirt, they can either applaud you on your choice or suggest a shorter version if an ankle-length style is bringing you down.


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