How To Plan The Perfect Summer Party

It’s warm weather time and you finally feel like hosting a fabulous shin dig with fruity cocktails and fresh appetizers. While you could just head to dollar store and pick up paper plates and streamers consider planning something a bit more special for you and your friends while keeping within a budget!

Yes, a Facebook event or text message will do but why not make your gathering stand out from the get go with invitations? We don’t mean actually hand writing or mailing out cards. There’s an app for that instead! Customize and create your own quirky invitation using Greetinvite’s Party Invites app for the iPhone or iPad.

Planning the food and drinks
Sometimes it can be hard to gauge how much food and drink you’ll need for a party. Luckily, the internet was invented to solve this problem. Don’t rely of cookbooks to plan your next party meal. Try Epicurious’ Summer Party Menu Planner to find simple and delicious recipes for the number of guests you have coming. Try to do cooking a bit earlier in the day or pick recipes that don’t require heating, like fresh salads, berries with whip cream, and cold dips and soups.

For drinks you can do the same thing using: That’s The Spirit’s handy Party Calculator. You can also consider buying a bucket of cocktail mix, which generally requires one bottle of alcohol and a night in your freezer to become a delicious drink for your party.

Besides cleaning your place like crazy, consider doing some simple and cheap things to brighten up your pad. Buy napkins and accessories that match your current decor and plates. Put fresh flowers in bouquets around your place.  Use old twinkling holiday lights, paper lanterns and candles to help set the mood. If you want to invest in interesting serving pieces try stores like Winners for colourful, fun pieces no one will ever know you got at a discount.

Setting the mood for any party requires the best soundtrack. Rather than trying to figure out what to play use Song Vote, a website which allows you and your guests to collaborate on a mix that is sure to please everyone and set the tone for a spectacular evening.

Make sure there is plenty of seating with comfy pillows and that the air conditioning is on (or at least crack the windows and set up some fans). You don’t have to break the bank to show your friends a good time.

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