6 Ways to Store and Organize Your Shoes

Admit it: you’re addicted. You have so many shoes you can barely keep track of them, even though you really do want to make sure you get through the whole roster and wear them all on a regular basis. But it’s hard when you have shoes stashed in 3 different closets, some at the front door and some hiding under your bed.

Have no fear:  Here are six fresh ways to store your shoes and keep them organized:

Hanging shoe racks: If your closet space is at a premium like ours, the back of your door might be the only open real estate you have left. Find a hanging cloth shoe rack with lots of pockets to store your shoes. We like the clear ones so we can find everything right away!

Polaroid-faced boxes: If you have shelf space in your closet, stack shoes in their boxes without having to play a guessing game every time you’re looking for a particular pair. When you bring a new pair of shoes home, snap a polaroid (or digital photo you can print easily) of the beauties and attach it to the front of the box. No more hunting for that elusive pair of slingbacks!

Hang a series of coat racks: The hooks on simple coat racks work just as well as shoe racks but tend to take up less space. Hang a bar of 6 for a few pairs, or install a few one above the next in your closet for a larger collection!

Lean a ladder or a palette: Get creative and repurpose something else from around the house you’re not using. If you can get your hands on a wood palette or an old wooden ladder, you can hook heels on these and call them funky dé©cor at the same time. No need to affix them to anything, either – just lean against the wall.

Wine boxes: Tip a wine box (with its divider still inside) on its side and slide in your flats. They’ll fit perfectly. Better yet, an old wooden crate from bottles of wine or milk would work well too and is sturdier.

Hang them on a low closet bar: Use pliers to twist up the ends of wire hangers, then slip the toes of shoes over them or drop sandals and flip flops on them. Hang wherever you can find space.

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