MET Gala’s Biggest Fashion Hits and Misses

Last night saw stars take to the red carpet for the annual MET Costume Institute Gala honouring Alexander McQueen (The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty, is on view May 4 through July 31). We’ve got all of the red carpert fashion hits and misses.


Years of leotards, Gollum arms and bad choices have been forgotten by Madge’s 1940s-inspired Stella McCartney. (We told you vintage feminine was back.)

S - Madonna Met Gala 2011

Gwyneth Paltrow
Forget Goop, her cookbook and the BFF-ism with Jay-Z: the celebrity we all love to hate hit it out of the park with a subtle long-sleeved gown that help re-affirm that more is, well, more. Blog about that.

S - Gwyneth Paltrow Met Gala 2011

Ashley Greene
Channeling ball gowns of yore, Ashley Greene taught fellow attendees and those of watching that sophistication is a guaranteed hit. After all, it’s hard to imagine the day when floor length sleeveless dresses go out of style.

S - Ashley GGreene Met Gala 2011

Emma Stone
The print, the lipstick, the cut. We’re sorry, but is there anything Emma Stone can’t do? Reason #295285 we love Lanvin.

S - Emma Stone Met Gala 2011

Liv Tyler
Now this is a dress made for a costume ball. Donned in feathery Givenchy, Ms. Tyler looks more like a fairytale over a mere attendee, proving that while class is imperative, having fun is as well.

S - Liv Tyler Met Gala 2011


Blake Lively

Karl on her arm or not, there’s a certain level of “no, Blake” associated with with her custom-made sari-esque dress by Chanel. Too much Serena – not enough Lively.

S - Blake Lively Met Gala 2011

Dakota Fanning
She’s lovely, she’s young, and for the most part, the girl can dress. But paying tribute to her teenaged self was not the greatest choice at an event that calls for dramatic, dynamic and grown-up.

S - Dakota Fanning Met Gala 2011

Mary-Kate Olsen
Sometimes people make mistakes. And while the MKA establishment have proven themselves worthy of eternities spent as fashion elite, Mary-Kate’s long-sleeved, baggy vintage number proves that not everything old should be new again.

S - Mary-Kate Olsen Met Gala 2011

Christina Hendricks
Nobody knows why this happened, but for some reason unknown to us all, Christina Hendricks infused sheen, sleeves and far too much fabric to create a dress she disappeared in – kind of. Great colour, great idea, great hair – but together, her Carolina Herrera infusion was simply an error in judgement.

S - Christina Hendricks Met Gala 2011

Sympatico Image


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