Fashion Accessory Spotlight: Shoes

Are shoes really a girl’s best friend? Some fashionistas may think so. Shoes are a neccessary part of fashion, everyone wears shoes. Making a shoe fashion statement while doing so, well that’s different. Beyond the functional tennies and standard work heels there are a myriad of options before you.

Shoes 101
In most instances you need a wide range of shoes to fit your mood and outfit. Everyone needs some comfortable shoes for kicking around the mall or beach. Every shoe closet should have the basics: flats, flip-flops, sandals, boots, and heels. The numbers, colors and styles of shoes you own are totally up to you. 

High Heel Fashion
Who doesn’t love the look of high heels? They elongate your frame and make you look ultra feminine. If you can handle super high heels go for it, great to keep at hand for evening or special occasions or worn at your high rise corporate job. A nice mid-height heel or wedge is always good for daytime wear and can be matched with numerous outfits. Choose a number of colors for your high heel wardrobe to match or counterbalance your favorite garb. Stilettos are available for the brave and ambitious in fashion who can really make the most of a pair of heels.

Funky Or Trendy Shoes
Remember when fringed moccasins were all the rage in the 70’s? They were cool then, and maybe even now in 2011. Vintage shoes can funk up your wardrobe. If you are ok with vintage shoes worn previously vintage and second hand stores may carry some unusual or ancient shoe styles you’d be happy to own. If you feel comfortable wearing trendy shoes and like how they look with your outfit then it is worth wearing them even if they are on the edge of fashion.

Functional Shoes
Just because they are functional doesn’t mean shoes need to be dull and boring. If your feet just can’t stand the idea of wear high heels anymore, flats and low heels can provide style even if they are comfortable. Looking for a good pair of sturdy shoes that are also cute is one way to go. In fall and winter ankle or high boots are a must, they not only look great but keep you warm and dry.

Shoes As Art
On the fashion runway you will see pieces of art moving in shoe form. The latest and greatest attempts at shoe fashion can be seen by designers who pave the way for designs destined for high paying shoppers. While you can marvel at these designs the appreciation is often more for the art than shoes you can wear in everyday life. Still some of those high art shoe fashions result in knock offs that end up in your favorite shoe store. Checking out the high end shoes from runway shows may help you find similar style shoes in your favorite shoe stores.

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