Fashion Accessory Spotlight: Purses

Purses seem to be an universally loved accessory. Do we really need them? Some may say yes while others do fine with filled pockets, fanny packs, or backpacks. Purses are needed because you need to hold all your stuff. Honestly though purses are often hanging off someone’s shoulders because they are trendy and in fashion. 

Functional Purses
The shoulder strap purse is always popular, an easy throw it on and take off attitude so you can carry most of your life along with you wherever you go. Purses with should straps can be moved around as you walk, slung across your chest, hung on backs of chairs, and other handy options. The satchel bag is a purse that has sturdy handles but still has a good amount of room for your goodies. The satchel is easy to carry, held by the handles or slung over your forearm. The hobo purse is slouchy and half-moon shaped, slung over the shoulder, with plenty of room to carry what you need.

Check out Michael Kors’ Hamilton Medium Messenger in Distressed Mocha, $248. Available at Michael Kors.

Purses For Fun
Wallet style purses are like clutch purses, grab ’em and go, they fit in your hand and travel easily but you can’t carry much with you. Mini-bags often go the way of the sling over your shoulder purse or can be carried as if they were a clutch bag. Mini-bags don’t have much room to carry things but they are generally so cute no one minds too much. Tote style purses can be made from colorful fabrics that run from the body of the purse to the handles and are a loose bag design you pile your goods into. Totes are a casual style purse often found hanging off shoulders and ideally suited for warm summer months.

Check out Betsey Johnson’s Glamour Gal Tote in Pink, $110. Available at Betsey Johnson.

Evening Purses
Purses for the evening tend to be smaller and made with a pretty design, generally easier to handle than your everyday purse for the workaday world. Most often purses for evening wear are clutch design for special occasions. Evening purses can also venture into the mini-bag area with sparkly, fancy versions of mini-bags slung over the shoulder. For less formal events the traditional functional purse makes due for evenings as well.

Check out Coach’s Poppy Sequins Mini Gem Crossbody Bag in Black, $248. Available at Coach.


Purses On The Red Carpet
If you’ve ever watched an awards show you can see how simple purses become jewelry or art combined with an expensive dress. The purse accessory here becomes a vital part of the overall look. Clutches are the most often used and necessary item paired with evening gowns, small and held in the hand these bejeweled purses carry just enough for an evening out. Knock off designs are often created after runway events or award shows, and provide a preview of the styles you may find in your favorite purse store.

Check out Burberry’s Grainy Luggage Leather Clutch Bag in Black/White, $1350. Available at Burberry.

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