How Do You Know Which Shoes Go With Your Outfit?

You’ve got your hair done, your party invite in hand and enough bottles of wine to fuel quite the fiesta. But of course, the question at hand is what dresses to pair with the season’s best shoes, so instead of you returning to the same old ensemble, consult our list to make sure that you’re looking your best this holiday.

Shoes: Wedge shoes

Wear with: Pencil and A-line skirts

It’s been a big few years for wedges, which have become the it-shoes of the 2010s thanks to ˜70s resurgences and the need for pump reprieve. But while the retro aesthetic has been taken to new heights thanks to collections from Marc Jacobs and Burberry, wedge shoes help keep add modernity to simple, traditional cuts. Wedge shoes work especially well with a pencil skirt and button-up blouses: helping give the workplace uniform some much-needed oomph after years of ballet flats (which should be avoided at all costs).

Shoes: Chunky-heeled ankle boots

Wear with: Shift and Tea Dresses

Of course, you can always slip on a pair of round-toes pumps, but if you’re hoping to bring the ultra-feminine shift and tea dresses into holiday 2011, opt for heeled ankle boots to maintain the vintage vibe while keeping things current and fresh. If you’re heading out into the party circuit, consider donning a suede pair or even a leather lace-up style, and cap off with black opaque tights to prevent looking overly girly or tea party-centric.

Shoes: Lace-up ankle boot

Wear with: Floral mini dresses

Anything ˜90s has become increasingly current, so if you’re hoping to slip on a floral mini or slip dress (worn with a blazer or sweater to help make it winter-appropriate), opt for flat lace-up ankle boots to keep your look grounded and casual. However, if you’re heading to a work party, you’ll want to keep yourself dressy through accessories and printed tights, and keep all leather polished to prevent seeming sloppy.

Shoes: Pumps

Wear with: Mod dresses

True, we told you there’d be an alternative to the basic pump style (and we’ve given you three!), but there’s a reason pumps stay in circulation, and it’s because they add a fancier, traditional vibe to dresses that take risks. Since mod looks can sometimes seem shapeless or even slightly masculine, classic round-toe pumps can help keep you looking slim, and add a delicate touch to a heavier style.

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