Summer Fashion on a Budget

With the economy still in recovery mode and frugality the word of the times, spending a lot on fashion isn’t always in the cards. Job uncertainty and the rising cost of living, especially in a big city-centre, has made a hatchet job on what once was “ free spending on luxuries like fashion.

Now that summer is around the corner and the options of summer dresses, skirts and pretty little things hit consumers at every turn threatening to bust the best of budgets, here’s a list of key basics that will keep you looking chic and spending less, until Mother Nature forces us back indoors.

The White Tee

A basic in any wardrobe and neutral that can be paired with a summer skirt during a muggy day or your favourite pair of jeans for a casual night out. Look for a neckline most flattering to your frame and keep it fitted. And remember, white has a short life span, so when your tee looses it’s crisp white look and feel, it’s time to toss.

Check out Old Navy’s Scoop-Neck Tee in White, $8.50. Available at Old Navy.

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The Ultimate Summer Dress

You know what we mean. When you put this dress on, you feel like a million bucks. But instead of spending a million bucks on a closet full of semi-decent dresses, spend a bit extra on a basic, well tailored dress that you can do up for work or a date night and just as easily dress down for a summer stroll through the neighbourhood park.

Check out Anthropologie’s Gathering Breeze Dress, $258. Available at Anthropologie.

S - Anthropologie Dress 300x400

The Pretty Cardigan

And we don’t mean your grandma’s sweater. We’re talking light and feminine with embellishment or ˜character’. Go crazy on colour and use this option over that Ultimate Summer Dress or White Tee to change up the look when you need to¦or to combat overzealous air conditioning efforts in the office.

Check out Banana Republic’s Lightweight Ruffle-Sleeve Cardigan in Lime Cocktail, $74. Available at Banana Republic.

The Neutral Shoe

One basic that will never go to pasture. This shoe (make sure you find one that is a close match to your skin tone) elongates your leg and goes with almost anything. Again, find something you can pair with a dress or a breezy skirt and throw on with dress pants when you need to.

Check out Spring Shoes’ Kerry Round-Toe Pump in Beige, $39.99. Available at Spring Shoes.

The Accessories

The adornments you wear tell the story of who you are. Go original and go bold. But keep it simple and wear a statement piece on it’s own. You don’t want your beautiful chunky necklace competing with your wrist-full of mix-matched silver bracelets. This high-impact trick doesn’t need to break the bank. Go online or check consignment shops for hidden gems.

Check out Smart Set’s Embellished Cuff, 16. Available at Smart Set.

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