Winter Date Ideas

Although the cold of the winter months can drive a couple indoors where cabin fever soon sets in, there is no reason that the winter time should stop your dating fun. Of course, there are all the usual winter date activities – skiing, skating, sledding, and other typical winter dates. And don’t forget the classic sipping hot cocoa (or hot toddies) by the fire (bearskin rug optional). But, in addition to all these fun winter date ideas, there are also plenty of other great ways to spend a winter date. Looking for some ideas for winter dates? See below!

1. Visit a winery
While many folks consider a winery trip a way to spend a date in the spring or summer, don’t rule out a visit during the winter months. Many winery tasting rooms have fireplaces and other cozy spots, and some of the finest wines come of age in the cooler months. A winery with a bed and breakfast or visitors, cabin just adds to the fun. Take the time to research local wineries for a fun, romantic winter date.

2. Christmas lights
During the holiday season, driving around to see Christmas light displays while sipping a thermos of hot chocolate can make for a very romantic winter date. Many towns and cities have public displays of Christmas lights, complete with Christmas music and a spot to stop and enjoy a cocktail or two after viewing the holiday light displays.

3. Couples spa
Book a weekend visit to a spa that features couples activities “ side by side massages, private hot tubs and saunas, and other romantic features. There’s nothing more romantic than a winter date spent warm and cozy, enjoying a massage and then an elegant dinner, relaxed and enjoying each other.

4. Indoor picnic
For a less expensive winter date, try planning an indoor picnic. Either spread a blanket on the floor (in front of roaring fire adds to the romance), or decorate your dining table with a red and white checked table cloth. Serve typical picnic fare “ fried chicken, potato salad, or even hotdogs and hamburgers, or put together a more elegant picnic meal. Serve with a bottle of your favorite wine and enjoy this cozy winter date idea indoors.

5. Movie night
Another inexpensive winter date idea is to have a movie night at your house. Pick two or three movies you’ve both wanted to see, pop some popcorn, and snuggle up on the couch. No matter what the winter weather, the two of you will enjoy being together watching comedies, action flicks, or even romantic movies to put both of you in the mood.

6. Go culturally indoors
There are plenty of cultural ways to spend a winter date when the weather grows cold. Try the theatre, the museum, or even the ballet (during the holiday season, many local ballet companies will have a production of the Nutcracker, a beautiful way to get into the holiday spirit.) The two of you can enjoy a romantic dinner either before or after the event, making this a lovely winter date idea.

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