Give Your Phone a New Year Makeover

You’ve made your New Year’s resolutions and checked them twice, now it’s time to make a technological leap into 2014 with giving your most used, and loved, possession a makeover – your phone! Here are five guaranteed ways to ensure your mobile device stays fresh to death.

It’s Time to Upgrade

You’ve procrastinated for months, even years, and seen the faces of your friends contort in revulsion when you pull out the contraption you call a cell phone. You already know this, but the most obvious way to give your phone a New Year makeover is to upgrade and step into the 21st century. Rogers has the iPhone 5c 32GB on a two-year contract for $149 – not bad – and Bell is offering the Sony Xperia® Z Ultra from $0 on a two-year contract.

iphone 5c


Whether you’ve recently upgraded or already own the hottest mobile device nothing is cooler and more useful than having the latest and greatest apps on your phone to reserve a table at the newest restaurant, search for last-minute travel deals and act as a personal fitness trainer. Apple devotees have more than 1 million apps at their fingertips on iTunes and Android users can access just as many from GooglePlay. Apps are sorted by category making it easy to sift through and find the perfect one to suit your lifestyle.

Google Apps

Cases, Covers and Skins

Long gone are boring and cumbersome looking cases, covers and skins that used to protect mobile phones. Now, many companies have amped up their offerings to bring you stylish and attention-getting accessories. Check out Case-Mate, GelASkin and VistaPrint, they offer an array of choices for the stylish lady, modern man or sports fanatic, as well as customized options where you can easily incorporate photos of your family members, pets and favorite vacations moments.

iphone and samsung cases


Ring ring! Wait is that your phone or mine? How many times have you heard a phone go off making everyone around you scramble to determine if they’ve received a text or call? Downloading or personalizing ringtones onto your phone is one way to set you apart and spice up how your use your device every day. You can pick and choose from thousands of ringtones on iTunes, GooglePlay or your mobile carrier to download everything from classical and pop music, to national anthems, animal sounds and TV show themes for just a few dollars.

Text with Style

Communicate with your family and friends by making your text messages stand out with a bang! There are a ton of text apps which create colorful backgrounds and punchy graphics to draw attention to your messages and make even the laziest responders answer you in seconds – people won’t believe their eyes when your text pops up on their screen! Pick colors, fonts and backgrounds to match your mood. Apple users try Lepin Li’s Color Text Messages or Wave Wang’s Color Texting Express Lite. Android users can download Pimp My Text or App-For-Me’s Color Text Messages.


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