Surprising Fall 2011 Fashion Comebacks

Now that August’s days are dwindling, jackets and scarves are slowly ousting t-shirts and tank tops. But in addition to the ˜typical’ looks that autumn brings, certain trends have returned to make fall 2011 their own. And while you may be surprised to see them, we assure you they can easily be included amongst your favourite seasonal staples.

The Varsity Jacket

We’ve sang the praises of retro resurgence time and time again, but when it comes to this season in coats, few things scream ˜vintage’ like the old-fashioned varsity. A staple of the 1950s, the athletic uniform was once reserved for only stereotypical sports superstars, but thanks to the industry’s penchant for irony, the classic staple is now paired with leather pants and tweed minis (as shown by H&M’s autumn campaign) for an edgy alternative to the classic clean-cut.

Aztec Print

While the summer saw bright Aztec prints abound in full bloom, fall’s claimed the style as its own, applying Aztec to capes, coats and even fleece-lined zip-ups. However, while the print seemed ideal for the light-hearted nature of summer, it’s possible to incorporate the style into your autumn-oriented wardrobe by sticking to neutral-based Aztecs and pairing them with denim and black to balance them out. Just avoid wearing Aztec crop tops without a jacket “ or pair tank tops and t-shirts with a pair of boyfriend or high-waisted skinny jeans.

Flared Jeans

You were right if you thought you heard us collectively gasp at the rumour of this publicized comeback, but it’s true: the look of the 70s, 90s and early 2000s once again promises to stay. Creating the ideal grey area between wide-legged and skinny options, it’s possible to rock flares in a non-ironic option, provided you pair them with a denim or crisp white button-up to channel your inner Dazed and Confused character. Our only rule? Prevent looking overly costume-y: it can be easy to embrace the 1970s, but you don’t over-do it with novelty t-shirts, accessories or shoes.

The Cape

Blame it on Stevie Nicks or the gothic infatuation, but cloaks and capes have returned this season to drape their wearers in both warmth and mystery. Worn either as a dramatic completion (think an all-black ensemble capped off with studded wedges) or as a 60s resurgence (paired with a tweed pencil skirt and long-sleeve blouse or sweater), the intimidating piece can become a wardrobe go-to “ provided you wear it with confidence and it’s far from the Ugly Betty staple.


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