Lady Gaga’s Sister = Fashion Designer?

While some of you may be hesitatnt to categorize the infamous meat dress as high class couture, the fashion world begs to differ, with nearly every Lady Gaga ensemble making headlines in some capacity following any and every event.

However, the fashion gene runs deep in the Gaga clan, with news that Mama Monster’s little sister, Natali Germanotta is creating costumes for the upcoming off-broadway show, Simon Says, which is set to debut this autumn.

The 19-year-old is currently a fashion student at the NYC-based Parsons, and made her public debut on the arm of her sister at the CDFA Awards, further cementing her reputation as “one to watch” in the industry. Little G also interned at Allison Parris, helping backstage at her autumn/winter 2010 show – which likely also explains her burgeoning presence in the wide world of fashion.

That, and Parris’ recent testimony.

“Natali has an edgier sense of style like her sister,” the designer told WWD. “Initially, when she went to the Grammys a few years ago, she wore one of our little lace trapeze dresses, but she styled it up with leather and hardware. She is so nice and easy to work with. She is such a great girl.”

Whether Parris can be bribed to give great references on the behalf of just anyone remainst to be seen. (Sure beats a simple work confirmation, that’s for sure.) However, with Lady Gaga now a force in both the music and fashion industries, it’s safe to assume Natali will be expanding past Broadway in the near future.



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