How to Look Festive – Not Dorky – for St. Patrick’s Day

The tradition of wearing green on St. Patrick’s day started back in the 17th century, when green ribbons and shamrocks were worn to honour the patron saints of Ireland. Nowadays, we wear green and drink emerald-tinted beer on St. Patrick’s day to join in the party and express a fun-loving attitude toward festivities. Common practices include sparkling green top hats, emerald beard attachments, full-on leprechaun get-ups. Not exactly your style? It's cool, we got you covered for some ideas for looking festive – not freakish – for St. Pats.
Think accessories
If green makes you look washed out and seasick any other day of the week, don’t cover yourself in it head to toe. Think hairbands, scarves, bangles, earrings, instead. If you want to avoid looking tacky, go to a vintage store to collect your green goodies rather than a dollar store. They’ll be just as cheap, but more unique. Plus – you’ll almost certainly find some amazingly hilarious St. Pat’s brooches – which can take any jacket from zero to St. Patrick’s day hero. 
Resist the temptation to ball out at the dollar store – go DIY
Sure – the sparkly green antennas are dirt cheap, but if you’re not going for the very distinctive dollar store chic look for St. Pats it’s probably in your best interest to keep those sparkly wobbling antennas off your head. To rock these kinds of costume-y things with much more grace and intention is to DIY. Crafting your own glittery additions will certainly spark up some conversations. Think of it as wearable performance art and channel fashion’s patron saint, Lady Gaga. 
Have fun with your makeup
If you’re not a big makeup person, or even if you are, St. Pat’s day is a fun opportunity to get creative with some statement-making makeup. Sparkly green eyeliner and/or shadow will look dramatic, not ridiculous, if you rock it with confidence. It'll also tie in some green accessories. Also, there are few skin tones that a shade of green/olive/jade won’t work with, just find one that makes your eyes pop. Also: don’t forget about the nail art. It’s all about the details, non? 
Any greenery you don won't look half as good if you're not in the St. Pat's spirit. Bring your most fanciful attitude to the party and remember that having fun can be as simple as getting involved. 
… and when in doubt, wear an ironic T-shirt. The fashion police won’t splash a green pint in your face if you're not dressed like a perfect St. Pats day star.

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