Fall 2012 Unique Accessories

Fall 2012 is a season defined by accessories. And while we’ve seen accessories in seasons past, it’s this season’s accessories that offer a reprieve from safe bets and traditional choices “ despite most accessories being oddly traditional. Here’s how the season’s accessory spectrum is looking so far, and what pieces you can safely start hoarding.


1. Brooches
Our grandmothers would be so proud. Whether vintage (that you can pick up at vintage shops or thrift stores) or new and oversized, brooches have become the perfect accessory in terms of adding dimension to an outfit without overshadowing it. Think Joan in Mad Men: we’ll notice her sunburst brooch, but in no way does it compete with anything else she’s wearing. Pick up a gold brooch and make the same happen.

2. Detachable collars
Some of us (like me) once mocked the idea of detachable collars, and then we were proven wrong by how great everyone looks when wearing them. While you can get a simple Peter Pan style in fabrics like velvet or silk, you can also opt for one decked out in rhinestones and gems. So when in doubt, opt for the latter: a detachable collar makes a statement, so you might as well commit to it.

3. Gloves
No, not those cotton winter gloves we’ve all been wearing since grade three “ gloves. Real-life, textured, fancy, formal gloves that the Baroness wore in The Sound Of Music. Givenchy featured leather styles this season, while Alexander Wang went the rhinestone route. Either way, think textures: while a silk glove is tried and true, leather offers a harder, edgier vibe that can amp up your existing formalwear or winter coat.

4. Gems
Everybody in gems! Whether it was Dolce & Gabbana, Prada, or Ralph Lauren, gems and rhinestones were featured in droves on the runway, offering everything from bright pops of colour to minimalist vibes. Whether worn as pins, or on handbags, gems and rhinestones added to this season’s need for texture and hardware, and work perfectly alongside metallic bracelets that lack embellishment. Officially, more is more. (Just maybe leave a little space so everyone can still see what you’re wearing.)


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