Ellie Mae Debuts at Toronto Fashion Week

One week ago Ellie Mae was preparing for her first Toronto Fashion Week show, where she would be debuting her collection of fall/winter jackets in front of the media and the city’s style tastemakers. Little did she know that overnight she’d go from emerging designer to a household name. Sophie Gré©goire-Trudeau stepped out on March 10 in Washington, D.C. in Mae’s Yazmin jacket. Vogue and fashion magazines across the world were crediting Mae for Sophie’s effortlessly chic style. While she had an idea the Prime Minister’s wife may be wearing her jacket, she was still stunned and overwhelmed with excitement. Fast forward to her first runway show last night, the room was buzzing with anticipation as editors and bloggers gushed about the designer’s growing status. We caught up with her backstage to learn more about the brand and how she’s been handling the media attention:

29Secrets: You began your career in accessories. Why transition into jackets?

Ellie Mae: They were always my third piece. Whether I was in a tank top or t-shirt I would always throw on a leather jacket or blazer. But, I thought I was missing something novel.

What is unique about an Ellie Mae jacket?

There is a lot of thought put into them. Our attention to detail helps, with our trimmings and linings. Because I love jackets so much, the extra thought I put into them makes them stand out.

What’s life been like since Sophie Gré©goire-Trudeau wore your jacket? 

It’s been crazy. No complaints! It has been so surreal. I keep having these pinch me moments.

Are you going to expand your line beyond jackets?

In my wildest dreams I would like to expand it. But for now, just jackets.

This is your first fashion week, what has the experience been like?

It’s been so amazing. I have the most incredible team of people that I work with. It has been so much fun and I want to do it again now!


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