Beat the November Blahs

November, also known as the middle child month between Halloween and the epic countdown to the holidays, can be somewhat of a blah month. Rain, darker mornings and imminent hibernation can leave you feeling drained and unmotivated. However, there are little things you can do to survive the November blahs

Think Bright
Just because summertime seems like yester years ago, doesn’t mean you can’t embrace your inner flower child. Break out of your November oversized hoodies and worn-out Uggs, and slip back into your summer dresses (obviously with a little winter tweaking- hello woolly tights). If you’re not ready to face the summer memories, wear November gear in bright, bold colors: yellow, royal blue and pink to name a few. Throw a big flower in your hair, wear coral lipstick– you’ll be surprised of the impact that little bright touches have on your mood. 

Think Lights
The amount of light (natural or artificial) that you are exposed to during the darker months has a huge effect on your mood. Studies show that underexposure to light can cause fatigue, increased appetite, blues, and a lower sex drive to name a few. This is because our bodies take cues from our environments to regulate our biological functions. When there is no cues for light (ie: sun), it messes with our body clocks. To battle the blues, try to get outside every day, even if it’s for a short period. If you’re not able to brave the outdoors, look into investing in some specialty indoor lights. Note: In no way are tanning bed lights recommended.

Think Sights
Just because it’s grey outside doesn’t mean that you can’t brighten up indoors. Put up holiday pictures that bring back fond memories around your apartment, office, or anywhere else where you spend a lot of time. They’re guaranteed to put a smile on your face as your reminisce about your fabulous, fun self. Also try putting up a poster of your dream vacation spot¦it’ll be much more pleasant to stare at then that looming raincloud. Maldives, anyone?

Think Scents
They say that your nose is the key to unlocking the most memories¦so why not smell your way back to summer? Whether it’s a vanilla scented candle, a few drops of lavender body oil, or simply using your scented summer moisturizer, you’ll be amazed at the memories of long summer nights and days at the beach that will come flooding back. These scents will tide you over until your nose can start smelling December’s signature scents of gingerbread, pine trees and chai tea.

Other tips to try out this November include hitting the gym for some seretonin, throwing a dinner party featuring an exotic menu, or listening to some World music to get you dancing away that November storm.

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