29 Things We Learned About Toronto Fashion Week

Last week, World MasterCard Fashion Week stylishly graced the corner of King and Simcoe Streets in the core of downtown Toronto. While the mission of the sartorial event is to display collections of Canadian designers, it’s much more than that. There’s a certain culture, a way of life inside the tents. But it’s not something one grasps right away, it takes time to understand the ins and outs, the dos and don’ts. So us fashion week regulars compiled a list of secrets”29, obviously”that’ll teach you everything you need to know about the spectacle of WMCFW.

1. Bring a (really, really chic) jacket. No matter how glamourous it may look, a tent is still a sheet of fabric.

2. Dress exceptionally well. P.S. Fashionable doesn’t mean fancy.

3. Divas exist. And they’ll be there.

4. Be nice to the volunteers, our future rests in their well-manicured hands.

5. Drinks are expensive. Not ACC prices, but still high. If you want to drink an alcoholic beverage, purchase champagne, wine or beer so you can sip it slowly.

6. Just because no one takes a street style picture of you doesn’t mean you’re dressed poorly”at least that’s what I tell myself.

7. There is no better place to people-watch, so take a seat (or stand really uncomfortably) and simply observe.

8. You’ll get a lot of samples. Some worth it, most not.

9. Charge your cellphone”you never know when you’ll have to take a picture of a striking piece or an unexpected protest.

10. Before and after the shows, there’s plenty of waiting involved. Bring a comfortable pair of shoes. This year, Adidas, Nike and Converse were some of the most coveted.

11. Again, there’s a lot of waiting with people standing very close together, so bring mints or gum.

12. Canada’s Bachelors come to fashion week.

13. Leather jackets are the most ubiquitous garments found off the runway.

14. Hats are highly acceptable, for both women and men.

15. Don’t judge a book by its cover, some of the most low-key dressers are the most successful and prominent players.

16. Bringing your mom is cool.

17. Bringing your grandmother is even cooler.

18. Bring your grandchild and you’re the talk of the night”props, Robin Kay.

19. The shows are literally ten minutes.

20. Take note of how the collections are styled.

21. Don’t bring a big tote, you’ll be lugging it around all night.

22. The food is limited and lacks lustre. Plan to nosh before or after the shows.

23. Going to the washroom is an ordeal.

24. Have Shazam ready to go because you’ll want to know the songs playing during the shows.

25. Don’t compare yourself to the models.

26. Chat with your neighbours.

27. The people are really friendly. Actually.

28. Respect the process, but don’t take it too seriously.

29.  Go. You should support Canadian designers”well, that’s no secret.

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