Boxing Day Shopping Tips

You opened presents, ate all the turkey and drank enough egg nog to last another year. There’s one thing left after Christmas, and that’s boxing day! Americans might have Black Friday, but we get to shop the sales closer to seasonal clearouts. While there might not be doorbusters, clearance sales kick off on boxing day, so here’s how to take advantage of those deals.


Plan your strategy

Waking up early on boxing day is a must if you plan on hitting the city’s busiest mall. From finding parking to getting in line to get into the store, the early bird always catches the worm. Consequently, going at the end of the day means that many of the crazy shoppers have already left, and while you might not get a spot right near the entrance, the buzz might die down closer to closing time. Taking public transit is an economical way to shop as well, but keep in mind you'll have to carry your purchases home.

You should also know which stores you want to hit and where they are located in the mall. A good way to start is to visit stores that are the most popular during sales. Often, you will need to get in line, so do this while you still have energy. Bring a thermos full of coffee to sip on while you wait in line. After you hit your top store, move through the mall systematically. Crowds make it harder and slower to walk around, so avoid criss-crossing.

If you’re going with a group, it might make sense to divide and conquer, however this might backfire if there are store limits on items. Another drawback is if you need your friend or mother’s advice!

Bringing a list and budget will help you keep on track. If you are in need of winter boots or a new year’s dress, take note of what store or style you will look for those items in, and note down a ballpark budget.

Don’t get sucked in

While you might feed off the energy of everyone enjoying a good deal, you should take a step back and ask yourself if you really NEED this. It might be 50 per cent off, but a fourth silver sequin dress in your closet isn’t going to add much to your wardrobe. Look for discounts on classic items or statement pieces you wouldn’t normally buy full price. There’s also a good chance that the item will be reduced further during clearout season in January, so holding off might be a good idea if the price of an item is a factor.

Post-shopping tips

Once you leave the mall, shopping bags in hand, organize your receipts so that you don’t lose any, in case you need to make returns. Boxing day shopping can be stressful, so indulge in a hot bath and take some Vitamin C to avoid the dreaded “boxing day mall cold.”

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