Fashion Accessory Spotlight: Belts

One of the time honored accessories that never seems to go out of style are belts. The right belt can make or break an outfit, providing curves where there are none, and adding pop to a drab outfit. Belts in every shape and size have been one of fashion’s most important accessories decade after decade. Belts can change your outfit when you are putting together a look. Belts work for casual outfits, work outfits, and even shine when worn as evening wear. 

Accentuating The Waist
The best thing about belts as a fashion accessory is how they accentuate your waist. For those of us not graced with a small waist a belt can give the illusion of a smaller waist. For those with small waists a belt can make you look even curvier and show off one of your best assets. Belts provide curve and definition to your body, and add structure to your outfit, separating the top and bottom areas of your outfit while helping to highlight specific areas of your figure. 

Check out French Connection’s PopCrunch Belt in Tan, $39.99. Available at French Connection.

Adding Texture
One of the most interesting aspects of belts is the shapes they take and what the belt is made of. Belts come in all kinds of sizes, styles and textures, from casual fabric or twined belts to leather belts, thin belts and wide belts. Adding a soft fabric belt over a flowing top paired with your everyday jeans can dress up your usual wardrobe. A medium sized leather belt can pull together the look of slacks or jeans paired with a shirt. A low rise skinny jean paired with a wide belt in a shade corresponding to the color of your top can make your outfit even trendier.

Check out Aldo’s Burhans Belt in Natural Print, $13.98. Available at Aldo Accessories.

Breaking Up Prints And Patterns
Use a belt in a specific color to break up large prints or patterns. A darker belt can add definition to the large patterns or prints on a dress. A wide black belt matched with black shoes can do wonders for a print fabric to create curves and a great look. Patterns and prints can be somewhat overwhelming on figures at times. A belt in the center of a pattern or print can help define your look and tie the outfit together. 

Check out Banana Republic’s Skinny Sparkle Belt in Black, $35. Available at Banana Republic.

Belts As Fashion Jewelry
Belts with decorative buckles are a wonderful added element to fashion, especially evening wear. Use a special belt to accentuate your top or dress and draw focus to your waistline. A dress paired with a metallic belt buckle can sparkle and bring focus to an already charming outfit. Use evening wear as an opportunity to wear specialty belts with jewels, etchings, metal designs. The sky is the limit to pair a jewelry style belt for special occasions.

Check out Zara’s Elasticated Belt in Black, $25.90. Available at Zara.

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