8 Style Resolutions to Make For Fall

I will admit: My style changes very little from season to season. I wear tall boots all summer, tank tops and cardigans in winter (beneath multiple layers), and generally, always scarves. My accessories range from minimal gold to brass pieces, and sometimes I’ll stick in a pair of large hoop earrings, and put on red lipstick. I totally appreciate having a sense of adventure in a wardrobe, but I also love the idea of cultivating a signature look. And I think this takes time to do. For me, fall is when I feel most in my element, style-wise, so I think it’s an ideal time to refresh my style intentions. So herewith are 8 resolutions I’m making this fall.

I want to love, embrace, and not put off shopping. I live in one of the most stylish cities in the world, and have no shortage of inspiration around me, but the more I need to do it, the more I put off shopping like I put off doing laundry or groceries. No longer! I want to make friends with shopping this fall. Save, set a budget, and just. Do. It.

I will throw away any and every tank that is pilling and replace them all with a batch of new ones. I wear tanks every day, especially when it gets cooler out. Pilling tanks just don’t feel and look as good as new, smooth tanks. They’re so cheap, so there’s pretty much no excuse not to replace them when they need it. Hot tip: if you want to upgrade your tank top, we recommend the Zayn Tank from Aritzia (above), which is a bit pricier than regular tanks at $40, but worth it for the tailored fit and polished drape that can elevate even a simple pair of jeans. 

I will invest in a proper iron and a proper ironing board. Anyone else ever ironed a shirt with a hair straightener? (….I am not proud of this. Never again, I swear.)

I will invest in a decent boot polish and make a habit of cleaning / polishing my boots. I wear them so often in fall. Like, everyday. And I walk everywhere. Hence: this is not a new style resolution for me, but regrettably it has proven to be a chore I just apparently can’t stomach. SO: this fall I’m going to buy a new, decent boot oil and designated polishing cloth which I know / hope will compel me to keep my boots well-maintained. Hot tip: Invest in a pair of super-chic booties like the ones by Senso (above) and you’ll be more likely to take good care of them. 

I’ll stop altogether buying cheap fake gold jewelry. I will toss any cheap fake gold jewelry that no longer looks gold. These delicate 14K gold ‘Upside Down’ Hoops by Lana Jewelry (above) are a fun twist on a classic style and will go with just about everything. 

I will toss any and all pairs of tights with holes in them and replace them with new ones. I’m a big fan of decorative tights and fishnets because they ALWAYS make me feel like a bad bitch but when a pair has a hole it, it’s like a new manicure with a single chip”it’s all gotta go, I say.

I will spend good money on a few good quality knits. Generally I err on the side of being cold, as I work in an office, and having to rely on a threadbare sweater/cardigan just sucks. This jacket-style cardigan from COS feels totally modern with its embossed texture and A-line shape, and will make a great transitional piece from summer to fall, too. 

Finally: I will buy a long, decorative, faux fur coat a la Macy Gray circa 2001. I have pretty much been fantasizing about owning something like this since I was like, 17. If not now, when? This bold faux fur leopard print coat by Leha is a classic with just the right amount of rocker edge. And check out the contrasting pink belt! Kate Moss would approve. 


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